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The important thing is not to stop questioning.

– Albert Einstein

Looking for a bathroom? Use Foursquare to find places to go


Out for a long day of walking around the city? You’ll likely need to find a bathroom at some point. Instead of holding it in, try searching Foursquare for public bathroom and check out the helpful tips nearby. Who knows? You might even stumble upon a super swanky restroom, like these two tips we found…



Know of a great public restroom? Don’t keep it to yourself!  Leave a tip on Foursquare about it.

What I’ve been been doing lately …

Oh man.

Short version: I recently launched Morale.


The longer version:

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact mobile has had on just about every industry we think of when the word “Web” is thrown around. For many, the reality is mobile upending many of the services we’re used to using. Tinder is disrupting Hotel Tonight is disrupting Expedia. Instagram is disrupting Flickr … OK, Flickr was sort of already done, but you get the idea.

Employment, however, is one place where mobile really hasn’t done much disruption. Sure, LinkedIn has a pleasant experience, but it’s basically the Web site optimized for a 2-inch screen. TheLadders has their Quit Your Job app, but the engagement isn’t there once the novelty wears off.

Engagement is the keyword these days. Everybody wants it. Since you can only view baby pics and cat videos so many times, social networks are turning to content for more stickiness. LinkedIn has articles from Sir Richard Branson and Facebook just launched Paper. The goal is the same, get eyeballs and keep them.

OK, back to my stuff. 

The question I asked was, How can you create ongoing engagement on a mobile platform for professionals? Jobs are the workhorse of content, but search on mobile devices is clunky. And you only use the app when you need a job. There’s no reason to use Indeed’s mobile app once you’ve landed the job, for instance.

So Morale tries to tackle this challenge by beginning with a simple question: “How’s morale at your company?”

Will a question like this and its inevitable fluid answers lead to engagement? Maybe. Maybe not. So, it’s just the first piece of functionality I want to build into the product. Stay tuned. We’ll see how it goes. Either way, it was a lot of fun to build and I’m always up for a good social experiment.

I invite you to download the free iOS app and test drive it. Share it with coworkers. Let me know what you think. Leave comments on iTunes and like us on Facebook if you think it’s cool. And most of all, come along for the ride. You’re officially an early adopter.

If you’re an Android user, a version for you is in the works. I encourage you to submit your email address on the Web site to keep up on company announcements and alerts. If you’re a Microsoft user, same thing, unless the app is a complete dud. Blackberry folks, you’re out of luck and my condolences. 


Mobile Apply Infographic by Marriott Employer Brand and Communications

Download the print-friendly Infographic.

Now, job seekers interested in joining Marriott International can search and apply for new career opportunities on their mobile device. Marriott is the first and only hospitality company to roll out this convenience as more professionals, especially millennials, are relying on their mobile devices to connect with potential employers.

Mobile web usage is accelerating globally. In 2013, there were almost as many mobile-cellular subscriptions as people in the world. Of the world’s 6 billion mobile phones, over 75% are located in the developing world where mobile phones are more affordable than computers.

“We recognize that the job hunt is changing rapidly,” said David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “Today, 70 percent of job seekers are using their mobile device to research their next career move. We believe that investing in new mobile technology is critical to attracting talent, especially millennials and those in emerging markets who depend on their mobile devices more than any other generation before them. With over 3800 hotels worldwide and continued, aggressive growth, we need to reach job seekers just as much as they need to reach us.”

Available on all smartphones, tablets, and feature phones, candidates can visit or to search and apply for jobs. They have the choice to type in their information or import it directly from their LinkedIn profile. Currently, mobile apply is available in six languages including English, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, German, and Portuguese with additional languages launching in March.

(Source: marriott)